Ahalanui Warm Ponds, Puna, Hawaii

Located in the Big Island’s Puna district, Ahalanui Warm Pond is a wonderful place to have fun and relax. .


What a great find! This place is very special. It’s basically a fresh + ocean water “pool” that cleans itself. The fresh water is rain water that somehow mixes hot water from the lava flows…not sure exactly how it all works, but a local told us that’s where the fresh water is from.

The water level of the “pool” changes with the tide of the ocean…so during the high tides, the pool will be “cleaned” by waves rushing in and out. Basically, the “pool” is pretty clean though a good crowd frequents the place.

I enjoyed the nice, warm water to relax in after a fun-filled day.

Also, people with kids – there is a “kiddie pool” as well. A shallower part was built so that toddlers could enjoy this treat too.

ahalanui _warm_ponds_1

ahalanui _warm_ponds_2